Finance Department

908-735-5215 x19

The Finance Department is responsible for the collection and disbursement of Township funds and maintaining the Township's financial records including responsibility for compiling and monitoring the annual municipal budget, maintaining accounting records, investing municipal funds, collecting income and disbursing obligations. Copies of the approved municipal budget may be obtained at the municipal building.

Budget Documents
2017 Adopted Budget (PDF)
2016 Adopted Budget (PDF)
2016 User Friendly Budget (PDF)
2015 User-Friendly Budget
2015 Budget Document (3 MB PDF)
2014 Budget Document (2 MB PDF)
2013 Budget Document (PDF)
2012 Budget Document (2MB PDF)
2011 Budget Amendment (PDF)
2011 Budget Document (16MB PDF)
2011 Budget Presentation (PDF)
2010 Budget Document (16MB PDF)
2009 Budget Document (16MB PDF)
Audit Reports
2016 Annual Audit Report (8 MB PDF)
2015 Annual Audit Report (3 MB PDF)
2014 Annual Audit Report (3 MB PDF)
2013 Annual Audit Report (1MB PDF)
2012 Annual Audit Report (1MB PDF)
2011 Annual Audit Report (17MB PDF)
2010 Annual Audit Report (17MB PDF)



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