Land Use Board

Meetings 2nd and 4th Wednesday 7:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building
Catherine Innella - Land Use Board Clerk - E-mail
Lisa Wood, Chariman

The Land Use Board acts within the framework of the Municipal Land Use Law (Chapter 291, Laws of NJ 1975) and the Township's Comprehensive Land Development Subcode.

The Land Use Board's primary responsibilities include: development and adoption of Franklin Township's Master Plan, review of land use applications in accordance with state and local regulations, and recommendations of revisions to land use ordinances to the governing bodies. The Board decides applications of "permitted use" activities and "non permitted use" activities, which may or may not require variances. The board is not required to grant or deny any variance relief. Requests for relief are not based upon policy, but rather upon the ability of an applicant to prove their case in accordance with the MLUL. There are two types of use applications.

      "Permitted" Use Applications - which includes, site plan and subdivision applications, municipal comprehensive Master Plan, conditional use Permits, related Bulk "C" and "D" variances, encroachment permits, site plan waiver requests, prepares Capital Improvement Programs as well as, Land Development & Zoning Ordinances. The Board ensures these applications are in conformance with: (a) the Township Master Plan and developmental ordinances; (b) satisfies public safety concerns; (c) meets generally accepted design standards as recommended by board professionals and city officials; and (d) requires no variances.

      "Non Permitted" Use Applications - The board will hear administrative appeals and interpretations of zoning codes, maps or ordinances. Typically, the board hears requests for providing an applicant relief from zoning requirements which are non-conforming as the Land Use Development Chapter of the Franklin Township Code Book depicts.  

Board Members

Lisa Wood, Chairman
Jennifer Fisher, Secretary
Dave Dallas
Susan Soloway
Ken Weiss
Roger Soltys
John Thonet
Chad Klasna
Joseph Darocha
Mike Iannozzi
Mike Chabra

Catherine Innella, LUB Clerk
Roger Thomas, Esq. of Dolan & Dolan, Attorney
C. Richard Roseberry of Maser Engineering Consultants, Engineer


Zoning Map


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