2020 marks the beginning of the Decennial Census, a constitutionally-mandated enumeration of the population of the United States. Enumeration activities will begin in March 2020 and are scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2020. A New Jersey Complete Count Commission has been established to develop, recommend,
administer a census outreach strategy to encourage full participation in the 2020 Census. The Commission needs your help to ensure that everyone in your community is counted in 2020.

The decennial census count informs how the federal government distributes about $600 billion in funds annually for infrastructure, programs, and services. Census data determine how federal and state funding is allocated to communities, and decisions are made on matters of national and local importance based, in part, on census data and housing.

Census data also help determine how many seats each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives and is necessary for an accurate and fair redistricting of state legislative seats, county and municipal councils, and voting districts.

The 2020 count will be the first one to allow all households to respond online. Paper forms will still be available,
and, for the first time, 1-800 numbers will be available to give responses over the phone.

More information can be found on the U.S. Census website and their YouTube page.

Census 101: What you need to know.

If you need assistance, the Franklin Township Clerk is available to any residents that would like to make an appointment to complete their Census questionnaire.

Organizations that would like to assist with Census outreach efforts can find useful materials on the U.S. Census Outreach Materials page.

US Census is in the process of hiring tens of thousands of temporary workers and has implemented new response methods to allow residents to reply to the Census survey online, by phone or mail. Job application information is available at:

2020 Census Job Opportunities Fact Sheet
It's not too late to apply!

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