Stormwater Management


Franklin Township Stormwater Management Program


The Township of Franklin has implemented a Stormwater Management Program as part of their compliance with the NJDEP Tier B Municipal Stormwater General Permit. This permit authorizes the discharge of stormwater from small municipal separate storm sewers. The Township’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) is comprised of the stormwater conveyances and stormwater basins which have been dedicated to the Township or within the Township property, or road rights-of-way. The Tier B permit focuses on new development and redevelopment projects and public education. New development is reviewed for conformance with the Township’s Stormwater and Soil Erosion, Stormwater Control, Stormwater Management and other applicable ordinances, the NJ Stormwater Management Rules (NJAC 7:8), as well as the Residential Site Improvement Standards (NJAC 5:21).

These developments include Major Stormwater Developments where greater than one-acre of land disturbance and/or one-quarter acre of new impervious surface is proposed, as well as Minor Stormwater Developments where individual stormwater management systems are required where greater than 300-square feet of new impervious surface is proposed, or certain land disturbance/ improvement area thresholds are reached.

The Township DPW through their daily operations maintains the components comprising the MS4, including inspection, cleaning, maintenance, retrofitting and repair. Their work ensures the continuing operation and longevity of the stormwater system and the Township’s roadway network.

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