Request for Bidders: Agricultural & Hunting Leases

Posted on August 24, 2021

Franklin Township Seal

Notice to Bidders

Take notice that on the 15th day of September, 2021, the Township of Franklin, County of Hunterdon, State of New Jersey, shall take sealed bids for the lease of certain real property owned by the Township of Franklin for agricultural and hunting purposes for various Township properties.  All bidders should be aware that the Township’s Agricultural and Hunting Leases will be bid separately.  The Agricultural lease shall only be for the farmable field portion of the property and the hunting lease shall only be for the wooded portion of the property.

Bids shall be delivered to the Township of Franklin, 202 Sidney Road, Pittstown, New Jersey 08867.  The sealed envelope shall bear notations specifying each separate bid. All bids must be delivered to the Municipal Clerk by noon on the 15th day of September 2021.  The winning bid will be awarded at the Committee Meeting on September 23rd at 7:30 p.m.  After awarding the bid the Township is required to adopt an ordinance before it can formally sign the lease agreement, the adoption of the Ordinance is scheduled for October 28, 2021.

Bid documents are available from the Clerk during regular business hours or by submitting a written request with a postage paid, return envelope.  The bid document includes the contract that the Township intends to use to award this bid.  By submitting a bid, the bidder is acknowledging that he/she has reviewed all the terms of the contract and agrees to comply with all requirements.

Every bid must include a complete Bid Proposal Form, Affidavit of Non- Collusion and Iran Certification.  By submitting a bid, the bidder acknowledges that he/she/it has adequate insurance in conformance with the insurance requirements listed in the contract and that a certificate naming the Township and NJDEP as an additional insured will be provided prior to the winning bidder being permitted to enter the property.

The bid, if awarded, shall be made to the highest responsible bidder.  The Township reserves the right to reject all bids.  The Township reserves the right to waive such defects in any bid that does not, in the Township’s discretion, materially affect the bid.

Christine Burke

Franklin Township Municipal Clerk


Available bids include:

Agricultural Lease – “Frazee Property” – Block 4, Lot 3.01

Agricultural Lease – “Lawson Property” – Block 25, Lots 1.03 & 1.04

Agricultural Lease – “Cherryville Property” – Block 35, Lot 26.01

Hunting Lease – “Frazee Property” – Block 4, Lot 3.01

Hunting Lease – “Cherryville Property” – Block 35, Lot 26.01

Additional information can be located on Resolutions 2021-38 and 2021-39.

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